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ruins of the buddhist real


Posted by Glenn Wallis on November 29, 2014

EndlicherI am archiving this blog.

Thanks for your interest in our project.

Glenn Wallis

Image: Michael Endlicher.

3 Responses to “Archived”

  1. Ace said

    I’m curious – why did you reopen the blog only to close it so soon again?

  2. Hi Ace. I’ve been asked that same question several times now. Here’s the short answer. I reopened the blog because I thought I could use it to think through some issues that currently interest me. After all, the first time through proved incredibly fertile for me. The issues I was interested in this time had mainly to do with the ideology-organization nexus: if subjectivity is as inevitable as community is impossible, what do we do? is an immanental (paratactic, epistemic, derived from Ø) meditation praxis (Ø>silence>dialogue>action>Ø) possible? valuable? in what way, toward what end? etc. That sort of thing. But, with a few exceptions, of course, the ensuing conversations proved so incredibly presumptuous, uninformed, and lazy that I experienced a kind of non-buddhist anchoric loss. I am still pursuing the question of the formation of the subject of an impossible practice and impossible community. But unlike my blog interlocutors–I can only guess–I am doing so in real terms, on real ground, with flesh and blood people, with something–with a lot–at stake. So, I closed the blog as soon as I realized that, this time around, another approach is required. I guess I could just not post comments that I find unhelpful. But that seems unfair. For some strange reason, the more interesting exchanges seem to happen offline, via email. The best ones, of course, happen face-to-face. Blogging and online exchanges let too much fall between the cracks, leave too much room for poor communication and misunderstanding. It gets really tedious and unproductive.

    I hope that answers your question. Why do you ask?

  3. Tom Pepper has resumed posting at FaithfulBuddhist.com. His first new post (the blog went dark in July of 2014) is titled “The Metaphysics of Dependent Origination: an attempt at a systematic presentation of full-strength anatman.” Tom promises a series of ten posts following up on this theme. I assume this development will be of interest to many followers of the SNB project.

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