Things have slowed down a bit here.  Only three or four visits a day, almost no comments.  So what better time to attempt a somewhat more self-indulgent post?

I’m posting the first section of a draft of a novel I’m working on.  Or, have just about finished and am trying to revise. Or something.  I had asked if anyone wanted to critique my creative work in the way I try to interrogate that of others, but there were no eager volunteers.  Maybe reading it first will raise some questions?

My hope is to offer an example of something that just might do what I have repeatedly asked for examples of. That is, a kind of creative work that tries to engage the world critically, and to encourage its readers to do so.  I have doubts that this is possible. Even more doubts that this particular example can succeed.  But any intelligent critical response is welcome.  (Stupid or useless response will be ignored–I’m just to tired of that game.)

The pdf below, then, contains the first two sections of a novel that is about 115k words.  It changes narrators, and mixes genres, and tries any strategy I could think of to be motivating rather than comforting–but to still be fun.  After all, the revolution should be a joyful event!

Anyone interested in reading this in some other format can email me at  I can send a Kindle (mobi) or Nook (ePub) version, if you’d like.

Feel free to “pepper spray”…but I will only respond to intelligent criticism.

Durdhara Bodhicitta

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