Incite Seminars

Incite Seminars came into existence as a direct consequence of Speculative Non-Buddhism. For those of you have been following this blog, this correspondence will be obvious. A perusal of the mission of Incite Seminars should also make the connection between the two projects clear as well.

To view our current online and live (in Philadelphia) offerings, view our calendar. To become a member, go here. Here is an incomplete list of seminars that we have held.

A Critical Introduction to Buddhist Thought
Aesthetics: Toward a Radical History
Alienation and Its Antidotes: On the Thought of François Laruelle
Alienation Reconsidered: Thinking with Fanon and Césaire
A Map Through the Ethics: Spi
noza’s Geometric Vision of Liberation
Anarchism and its Aspirations
Anarcho-Blackness: Reading Group
Anti-Therapy Group
A Strange Subject
A Strange Subject: Participant Workshop
A Strange Subject: X-Fiction
At the End of the World, Plant a Tree

Being Numerous: On the Non-Fascist Life 
Black Methodologies, Black Collaborations
Breathingawareness: Introductory Workshop on Buddhist Meditation
Buddhism in Ruin
Buddhism in the Age of Trump
Buddhism: What Can It Offer Us Today?

Childless Witch: Trembling, Dance, Voice, Oracle, Grace, The 
Communism of Love, The
Contemporary French Philosophy
Contradictions of White Middle Class Dissent: Revisiting Black Bloc, White Riot
Cospiration: Breathing, Poetry, and Making Atmosphere
Critical and Contemplative Pedagogies for Eco-Justice
Critical Introduction to Buddhist Thought
Culture of Revolt, The

Darkness and Its Discontents
Debt as Original Sin
Debt Strike Now?
Decolonial Psychoanalysis
Deleuze: Larval Subjects, Lost Time
Deleuze’s Communizing Currents
Dispossessed Book Club
Don’t Worry! Be Happy! Feeling Good, Bad, and Everything In Between

Empire of Xenophobia: The Long Political History of Trump’s ‘Big, Beautiful’ Wall
Exhausting All Possibilities:” An Introduction to Deleuze & Guattari’s Political Philosophy

For Buddhism: Critique and Creativity
For Education: the College Classroom as Concrete Utopia
For Our Present Moment: James Baldwin’s The Fire Next Time

Great Radical Race Read, The 

Hannah Arendt and the Fragility of Democratic Life
Hannah Arendt on Race, Identity, and Politics
How to Find What Isn’t Lost
How Living Well Matters In the Pursuit of Knowledge
How to Read a Book: Toward Ludic and Erotic Protocols of Reading
How We Remained Human

Is This How It Ends? On Human Stupidity and the Meagre Promise of the Epoché

Join a group!

Learning in the Crisis
Level Up: Life In A Post-Pandemic Video Game

Occult Features of Anarchism

Meditation: Self and Society
Money and Metaphysics
Mutual Aid: How to Survive the Crisis

Narratives with Consequences: Storytelling Animal in a Colonized World
Night Moves: Poetry at Present
(Non)Buddhist Practice Posse
Non-Buddhist Redescription
Noise of Time, The

Philosophical Concepts for Thinking
Philosophies of Time: Bergson and Deleuze in the Labyrinth
Pedagogies Under Microscopes
Please Select Your Jacques Lacan
Politics of Contradiction, The
Principle of Hope, The
Principles of Non-Philosophy: Wresting Vital Potentialities of Humans
Production or Enslavement?
Prophetic Conspiration: A Conversation With Federico Campagna

Radical Education Workshop II
Radical Relating as Decolonial Practice
Reality Beyond Realism: Storytelling for/versus Enlightenment
REFUSE: A Journal of Iconoclasm
Reinventing “Democracy” in the 21st Century: The Rojava Revolution
Rethinking Practice at the Great Feast
Revolutionary Pan-Africanism Against Racial Capitalism: Lessons for Our Present Moment
Revolutionary Pessimism: On Political Action without Expectation
Ritual and Resistance
Rogue Scholars Unite!

Sacred Economics
Sacrifice, Debt and Grief
Sacrifice, Gender, and Eros
Seek No Master: Voltairine de Cleyre’s Anarchism Without Adjectives
Shamanism and its Discontents
Simone Weil: Radical Engagement/Mystical Refusal
Speculum of Pain: Buddhism on Illness

Temporary Autonomous (Reading) Zone
Thinking in the Dark
Total Liberation: The Buddhist Eight-Fold Path, Animal Justice, Liberatory Praxis
Toward a Non-Buddhist Contemplative Practice

Undoing Conquest: Getting This Empire off the Back of the Turtle
Unlearning: Radical Education Theory
Unsettling Territory: A Decolonial Mapping Workshop

Viral Grief, Rebellious Mourning: A Virtual Grief Circle
Virgil, Sovereignty and Eros

We Will Be Black: Cedric J. Robinson, Black Marxism, and Beyond
What Do We Owe Each Other? For A Critique of Reciprocity
What Does it Mean to be a Citizen? The Past and Present of the New Afrikan Independence Movement
Why Marx Matters
Why Read Carl Jung?
Why the Debt Strike is Not Impossible
Why the Left Needs Degrowth

You must change your life: Rilke’s Poetics of Immanence

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