New group forming!

Anti-Therapy Group

Time: Bi-monthly. Sundays, 3-5 PM EDT
Dates: February 7, 21; March 7, 21
Place: Online. A Zoom link will be sent on registration.
Facilitator: Jon Hook

For at least 70 years, critics of the field of psychotherapy have observed that one of the major roles of the therapist is to make their clients more compliant and productive citizens. Despite numerous attempts at reform, psychotherapy has yet to adequately address this criticism. This group is for practitioners, clinicians, and all interested parties who are skeptical of the ideological commitments maintained and enforced by psychotherapy and related fields. With the understanding that it is impossible to remain ideologically neutral, we will join together in an open forum to discuss:

  • The inhumane catastrophe that are modern definitions of mental health and illness.
  • The methods psychotherapy uses to make its participants ideal capitalist subjects.
  • Ways of moving forward without giving up or giving in.

The facilitator will provide PDFs/ links of any readings.

Session 1The Myth of Mental Illness

Readings: I. “The Myth of Mental Illness” (essay). Thomas S. Szasz. II. Anxious? Depressed? You might be suffering from capitalism: contradictory class locations and the prevalence of depression and anxiety in the USA.

Session 2: Why Mental Health is a Political Issue

Why mental health is a political issue,” Mark Fisher
Here’s a video essay on Mark Fisher and mental health

Session 3Psychotherapy and the Society of Control

Readings: Forthcoming, but likely excerpts from Michel Foucault & Gilles Deleuze


There are two ways to join:

Patreon Supporter ($10+): If you are an Incite Seminars Patreon supporter at the $10 level or higher, group participation is included in your membership! Please use the special monthly discount code (available on Patreon) to register for a free ticket. 

Non-Patreon Drop-In Ticket: If you’re curious about the group but aren’t ready to commit your ongoing support via Patreon, you can buy a drop-in ticket for a particular date at the Eventbrite page.

Rigorous & Rebellious Learning

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