Temporary Autonomous (Reading) Zone 

6-8 PM EST
Next session: March 4 
Facilitator: Ken Scriboni

HELP! Our Anarchist Reading Circle has been taken over… by Marxists! Italian Autonomist Marxists!

Huh? Who’s that?  Autonomism, also known as autonomist Marxism and autonomous Marxism, is an anti-authoritarian left-wing political and social movement and theory. As a theoretical system, it first emerged in Italy in the 1960s from workerism (operaismo). Later, post-Marxist and anarchist tendencies became significant after influence from the Situationists, the failure of Italian far-left movements in the 1970s, and the emergence of a number of important theorists including Antonio Negri, who had contributed to the 1969 founding of Potere Operaio as well as Mario Tronti, Paolo Virno and Franco “Bifo” Berardi.

Well, maybe we can live with that! For the next several weeks, our Anarchist Reading Circle will be checking out what Autonomism and related currents are all about in our Temporary Anarchist/Autonomous (Reading) Zone – T(A)(R)Z. First stop: Witches.

This Thursday, March 4, we’re discussing selections from Silvia Federici’s Caliban and the Witch, in which she considers the killing of witches as foundational of a capitalist system that domesticates women, imposing on them the reproduction of the workforce as forced labor without any remuneration. Future readings will be decided together by the collective!

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