Incite Seminars is launching RUINIVERSITY!

Ruin: n. the remains of a structure that is in irreversible disrepair; v. to render unfit for a given function, as in “reading Proudhon’s ‘What is Property?’ ruined me for capitalism.”

University: a community; a whole; originally denoting a “community of teachers and scholars” (universitas magistrorum et scholarium).

RUINIVERSITY (ruin-ə-versity) is an immersion in deep study and emancipatory self-education. The core of our curriculum is the year-long First Course. In this course, we come together as a cohort to establish reading practices, critical tools, knowledge bases, and visionary perspectives that will support our capacity for renewal, change, and the repotentiation of collective life. It is increasingly clear that the current higher education system is rapidly descending into ethical, financial, and pedagogical disrepair. A sanctuary for rogue scholars, RUINIVERSITY offers an antidote to the traditional university system that is rigorous, egalitarian, and communal. The First Course provides an on-ramp to some of the most cogent thinking and transformational practices of our times.

We will hold to two info sessions:

Saturday, August 7th at 12pm
Tuesday, August 10th at 6pm
You can sign up for one of these info sessions with the link below.

Sign up for informal info session

Rigorous & Rebellious Learning

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