non + x

The first issue of our new e-journal, non + x, has been published. The address is As we explain on the About page:

non + x promotes critical work on Buddhist and other cultural materials. We are interested in explorations that locate the point where brute language, image, or action spins into a web of entangling ideological formations.

This blog, Speculative Non-Buddhism, will serve as a companion to non + x. It will host comments and discussions on non + x essays. We created a new page here, “Non + x Discussions.” Please go there to read excerpts of our first issue of non + x essays, and to post comments.

Speculative Non-Buddhism will continue to publish blog posts as before. We look forward to continued lively discussions toward our goal of “wresting vital potentialities of humans from the artificial forms and static norms that subjugate them” (Marjorie Gracieuse).


After more than a year of activity on this site, we’re going to make some changes. As our project of creating tools for a critique of Buddhism develops, the structure and form of its presentation alters. We are giving thought to how we might effectively push this whole thing forward.

One of our more delightful and intelligent commentators, Jonckher, recently raised a good question: Who is “we”? In the process of interaction over the last year certain relationships have emerged between different people here and around the blog. These relationships will continually change and new ones will be formed. Tom “pepper spray” Pepper, Glenn “kick out the jams” Wallis and Matthias “I am just a kraut” Steingass are not something of a triumvirate of non-buddhism. Pepper-Wallis-Steingass is just a structure that arose wholly by accident. It has no inherent meaning or even stability. Each of us has a different reason for our involvement in this project and a unique approach to the work.

Other people here are intently engaged in discussion, critique, translation and reading. “We” hopes for more structural accidents to happen. You are invited to get involved in this project to whatever extent you like. We hope you’ll consider writing for us.

Given the somewhat anarchic nature of the blog up to this point, some of you may wonder just what “the project” is about. Briefly put, it is about critique. Continue reading “Changes”