patreonI have created a Patreon site for this blog’s progeny: Incite Seminars. Briefly, Patreon is a platform that enables creators of web content to solicit subscriptions. Think of the olden days, when lucky artists and musicians had patrons who supported their work. Patronage is also a way for us––you, the readers and we, the writers––to build more substantial relationships.

Please have a look. I am also open to suggestions you might have for other rewards.

In a twist of irony mixed with a dash of absurdity, from virtually the day I launched this blog in 2011 I have been approached by publishers of Buddhist and other “spiritually”-oriented books and magazines to advertise their wares on the blog. Not only have I declined to do so, I even pay annually to remove all ads.

Anyway, if you have benefitted from this blog in the past, or might like to have some personal conversations with me about the ideas presented here, please consider becoming a patron. I greatly appreciate even the smallest offering.

Here are some words of wisdom from Patreon’s founder, Jack Conte:

The web is a house. It’s a big, cold, spiritless house.

And it’s the creators — the people inside the house — that turn it into a home. The creators are the ones who populate the skeleton of the internet with the flesh and blood of the human experience that make the web meaningful. They reach billions of people around the globe, and their work gives us purpose in our lives. It gives us perspective when we’re lost. It makes us laugh and cry and love. It reminds us to be grateful and humble.

But the financial mechanism that powers the web — the ad economy — is putting human creativity at risk. The emerging generation of creative people, the millions of creators that make the web worth exploring, are being systemically devalued and underserved by the unconscionable and inefficient systems that turn attention into dollars. Bloggers with tens of thousands of readers are making a few hundred bucks in ad revenue. Video producers reaching a hundred thousand fans don’t make enough to even pay their rent.

What the fuck!? How are we OK with this?!

So, A) we’re not, and B) the times they are a-changin’.

You can read more about Patreon here.

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