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The first issue of our new e-journal, non + x, has been published. The address is As we explain on the About page:

non + x promotes critical work on Buddhist and other cultural materials. We are interested in explorations that locate the point where brute language, image, or action spins into a web of entangling ideological formations.

This blog, Speculative Non-Buddhism, will serve as a companion to non + x. It will host comments and discussions on non + x essays. We created a new page here, “Non + x Discussions.” Please go there to read excerpts of our first issue of non + x essays, and to post comments.

Speculative Non-Buddhism will continue to publish blog posts as before. We look forward to continued lively discussions toward our goal of “wresting vital potentialities of humans from the artificial forms and static norms that subjugate them” (Marjorie Gracieuse).

7 thoughts on “non + x

  1. Found the sutras stimulating. Consider this work in regard to Julian Jaynes ” Bicameral Mind”. Also you might consider a ” Sutra of Inertial Stasis”.

  2. Damon (#1). That does look like an interesting and, for our purposes, relevant book. I’ll order a review copy. Would you be able to review it? Thanks.

    LJ Denenberg (#2). Thanks. Would you mind saying more? For instance, what did you find stimulating about “Sutras of Flesh and Blood;” how does Jaynes’s work resonate with ours; and where can I find a copy of the ”Sutra of Inertial Stasis”? Thanks.

  3. I supplicate that you continue to make the articles available in html, and not just as pdfs, if possible.

  4. Glenn: do you intend for comments on any/all of the articles to be posted in this thread?


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