Go fann on Calls

I am going to retreat for a while into my workshop. I will craft text there. I will craft tools there, too, tools that should prove useful to your sifting through the ruins of the dilapidated fortress we call x-buddhism. Who knows what treasures you may find? Remember, our ruin is ruin because of treasure.

I will continue to present my finely-wrought wares here.

The work I want to get back to requires concentration. In order to do it, I will be disabling discussion here. I will allow ping backs. They will show up to the left there, where the commentators do now.

Thank you for your participation. Thank you for all your comments.

As many of you know, thoughtfully writing and responding to comments can be extremely time-consuming. On many days over the last two years I have spent several hours responding to comments. I can tell from many of yours, too, that you must spend a great deal of time crafting your comments. I also happen to be conscientious about getting back to readers when they make an interesting critical point or ask a valuable question. So, I am not the kind of blogger who can post something and then turn away. Sometimes I lose sleep over it. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you do, too.

I have learned a great deal from many of you. Thank you.

I will leave the comments open on the previous posts for a couple of days, or until I can reconfigure the blog a bit. That way, you can finish up whatever conversations you were having. Who knows, maybe we’ll have a forum for exchange again someday. Better yet, maybe one of you will create one somewhere else.

It’s been a fun experiment. Now, where did I leave that old slack tub…?

What do you think?

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