non + x, Issue Nine

Issue Nine of non + x is up. The contents are:

  1. Gone with the Wind of Tarot: John Starr Cooke and the Esoteric Tradition in the West, by Camelia Elias
  2. The Truth of Anatman, by Tom Pepper
  3. How to Xplode X-buddhism, by Matthias Steingass
  4. Thinking as Spiritual Practice, by Patrick Jennings
  5. Žižek v. Buddhism: Who’s the Subject?, by Adrian J. Ivakhiv

non + x will serve two purposes. Our main goal for the e-journal remains to foster original and creative non-buddhist-oriented critical writing. We will also use it to consolidate some of the writing that is happening in various venues, both web-based and otherwise.

We know a lot of you out there are thinking creatively about the contours of a decimated Buddhism. We’ve heard many innovative ideas. Some of you have submitted essays. Many exciting and vital lines of exploration have been discussed in comments on ours blogs. We’d like to encourage you to throw the dice. Take a chance. Stand atop the Katahdin of your thought and, like Thoreau, make “Contact!, Contact! Contact!”–and tell us about it. Or take Deleuze’s advice and create something currently incomprehensible. Remember, anything from a well-argued essay to a dada poem or a wordless photograph counts. The crucial point is that it contributes to our goal of “wresting vital potentialities of humans from the artificial forms and static norms that subjugate them,” as Marjorie Gracieuse puts it. That “wresting” is the hard part. That’s the part you’ll have to think hard about. If you’re unsure what that goal entails, exactly, please ask. Remember, too, while we were originally animated by the project of wresting potentialities exclusively from x-buddhist materials, we’re now interested in any and all contemporary cultural forms.

I came across this call for submissions from a spanking new journal, called Hostis: A Journal of Incivility. I will say more about this journal, and its theme of cruelty, shortly. By way of injecting some wordblood into your deliberations on submitting to non + x, consider this:

We are looking for submissions that defend cruelty. In addition to scholarly essays, we are looking for any original work suited to the printed page: directions to dérivés or other lived projects, maps, printed code, how-to instructions, photo-essays, détournements, experimental writing, directions to word-games, illustrations, or mixed-media art. To remain consistent with the journal’s point of view, we seek material whose tone is abrasive, mood is cataclysmic, style should is gritty, and voice is impersonal. (Hostis)

A kindred spirit, indeed!

Visit non + x.

10 responses to “non + x, Issue Nine”

  1. Glū ten-Shin 漢字 Avatar

    All you thinking posers are ruining the Highest Most Truest True Dharma Truth with your cruel critical thinking. Standing at a fork in the road thinking like fools. Serious students of the Way have higher conformist aspirations and practice noncritical nonthinking. They perceive the Universe’s heart essence with no center and no edges, where each thing stands within it’s own immediacy-Thus. Each thing Mahakashyapa’s flower, nonexistent yet vividly standing right before your eyes. All day long, I’ve been flapping my lips and arms without moving an inch. Only when one has this kind of ability can one of you deluded beings understand my Conceptual Enso is a Conceptual Enso:

    When it comes to serious matters such as the Great Matter, students of the Way need to seriously practice what matters. What’s the matter with the Way is that nobody’s greatly practicing the Great Matter. Seriously, if the Matter doesn’t greatly matter, then the Great Way doesn’t matter. If great students of the Way don’t practice the way of the Great Matter, they won’t greatly matter. Practice won’t matter greatly. Then, student’s great practice matters won’t matter way seriously. Seriously, this Great Matter will greatly cease to be a way serious matter. Therefore, when it comes to serious matters such as the Great Matter, students of the Way need to seriously practice what matters.

  2. Glenn Wallis Avatar

    Glū ten-Shin 漢字 (#1)

    That’s some good shit, 漢. Master Tutteji, watch your back! From Master 漢’s website:

    Stop! No thinking, just don’t know! Straight ahead marches the Way. Become that bland clean nice white sheet of paper. Stop! No thinking, just don’t know!

  3. Glū ten-Shin 漢字 Avatar

    Glenn, I humbly accept your “good shit” (#2) and thank you for your insights.

    Only elite students of the Way have the circular nonthinking reasoning to perceive a conceptual enso with the True Dharma Eye. I can only hope serious students of the Way can strain hard enough to perceive my elevated writing honoring Dogen’s sublime religious OCD.

    Tutteji is my Master and spiritual Daddy. I am his devoted student and will forever bow down on all fours, in gratitude to Master Tutteji. That’s enough of this… words are so grotesquely wordy, plus I need to stuff my face with some pastries….mindfully present of course.

    Elite Special Forces Dharma Combat Veteran,
    Glū ten-Shin 漢字

  4. swimoutfree Avatar

    Hi Glenn. Interesting post. Are you also accepting submissions defending cruelty?
    I’m thinking of a piece defending cruelty to animals, children, the homeless and the incarcerated. (I’m sure you see the connection in terms of the Hegelian dialectic.)
    I agree with Marjorie about eviscerating “the static norms and artificial forms” that the power elite use to subjugate us.
    Thanks for providing the opportunity.

  5. Daniel Avatar

    swimoutfree (#4), your post offers nothing. That is an example of the cruelty most people think of, but that’s not it.

    IMHO, I see cruelty as an artistic or intellectual endeavor of flipping the oppression back on the oppressor. Artistically or intellectually entering the oppression,revealing it, warping it, dismantling it, mocking it, throwing it back on the oppressor. Perhaps, kind of what rap music has done for black culture. Or perhaps what punk rock or Dada meant years ago. If anybody is thinking of cruelty as harming anybody physically, then obviously they have a screw loose, and need professional help. Glū ten-Shin is mildly amusing, warped, lame, mocking, etc. etc.

  6. swimoutfree Avatar

    Daniel(5) your vision of cruelty is too vague and metaphorical, too disembodied. It has no juice.
    Cruelty is fiery, sexual in its intensity. It moves people. It changes the situation.

  7. Glenn Wallis Avatar

    swimoutfree (#6).

    Daniel’s #5 comment may sound to you that way, but go ahead and follow his lead and I am certain you’ll whistle a different tune. Go ahead, do it. If nothing else, Daniel corrects your (ironic? sarcastic? humorous?) notion that by “cruelty” we mean the everyday, brutal variety that your examples suggest.

  8. swimoutfree Avatar

    Thanks for the advice, Glenn (6) but I’ll think I’ll pass. I think there are enough followers already.
    Although I admit, I do find your belief in the revolutionary and regenerative power of spectacle refreshingly piquant.

  9. Glū ten-Shin 漢字 Avatar

    swimoutfree(#6) Your shpeel is revealing. The shpeel, not you personally, is what is being “cruelly” addressed. It provides a good example in that the mind-body separation “disembodied” rhetoric is a cliche line often used in yoga, martial arts, and x-buddhist worlds as a means to subjugate students. Again, don’t take any of this too seriously bro, it’s not personal. As a yoga teacher, you are simply following what has been explicated to many yoga followers. It is truly as seductive as an opiate because, by laying claim to some higher truth, it pretentiously elevates the person to some perceived greater importance. I know firsthand, I used to smoke me some serious x-buddhist crack, yoga crack too. No one is following anybody here we are just riffing off each other, exploring. Glenn has rented the studio, and happens to have some good riffs. I think there is an aspect to this that is wonderfully irrelevant and playful, maybe someone else can comment more on this. Anyway, fk it, play something rotten and lame for fk sake.

    With disembodied palms and feet pressed together,
    Glū ten-Shin

  10. swimoutfree Avatar

    Greetings Glu, good schpeel. Sounds like you never met a stereotype you didn’t like ( yoga, martial arts, x-buddhists). Nothing personal, amigo.
    I get it, bro. Cruelty, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, (or this case, out the eye?) Keeping it light here boss.
    I enjoy a good riff as much as any(dis-em) body.
    Thanks for explicating the fact about followers and such.
    Keep it light, keep it playful and keep it irrelevant. Adios Glu, keep it together.

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