Join us Saturday, June 22 at 4pm EST on Google Hangouts for a gathering to discuss, well, more gathering.

I hear almost daily from people who are struggling mightily in the desert that has become the practice community. Mainly, I mean people who have found themselves exiled from the usual suspects for reasons that readers of this blog can surely predict. This isolation occurs at multiple levels. On one level, there is the shear dearth of options to gather in community with similarly-minded others. On another level, there are the many logistical difficulties attending the creation of a new community. On yet another level, even if we can get past these first two constraints, people are deeply confused about even the most basic forms or contours that such a community might take.

Chaim Wigder of The Failed Buddhist and I would like to invite you to join us as a first step toward…who knows?! We have no agenda to get through or anything like that. It’s a gesture of fishing out the drowned…offering sanctuary to the wandering…giving company to the lonely…

This gathering is in support of the following actions:

Declaring a Buddhist Spring May 2020
Call for Submissions
Trash Theory #1-#5

If you would like to join us in this witch’s flight, or have any questions or concerns, please say so in the comment section below or email me at Use one of these two options to join us: (1) send me your email address, (2) go directly to the Trash Community Hangout page.

You can read about and sign up for Google Hangouts here.

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