#78. IBP: Glenn Wallis on Practice & Anarchism

#78. IBP: Glenn Wallis on Practice & Anarchism

In which I converse with Matthew O’Connell of The Imperfect Buddha Podcast–Buddhist podcaster extraordinaire: great questions, sharp rejoinders, broad mind, and clear insight. That’s Matthew.

From the description:

It’s interesting to think that the Imperfect Buddha podcast was really motivated into being by a dearth of critical material on contemporary Buddhism. Some noted academics were putting out books, and papers on Buddhism and philosophy could be found occasionally that made sense to a non-academic audience, but accessible, critical material that connected theory to practice was minimal….Glenn returns to talk about practice and share his take on the practising life in line with our other guests in this year-long practice season. Is it likely he will be offering advice on how to get your thumbs in the sweet spot for mudra work? No. Is it likely he’ll be sharing his own take on mastering the Jhanas? Nope. But no one would be daft enough to expect that from him. Practice forms are infinite and forever tied to our human condition and it is to those avenues of inquiry that we stroll in our conversation. We discuss the non-buddhism practice group, Incite, and his latest book on Anarchism; a topic I challenge him on.

While you’re there, why not chip in a few $ or to support this great resource?

Since you’re going to be itching to read the book that Matthew and I discuss, here it is:

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