Nascent Speculative Non-Buddhism

The article with the adjective-rich title “Nascent Speculative Non-Buddhism” was my first attempt at articulating my theory. I had been thinking along these heretical lines for a while. Reading Laruelle catalyzed the project for me. His language for non-philosophy yielded a minefield of concepts that I could use to explode x-buddhism. The way I put it in A Critique of Western Buddhism is this:

For anyone struggling to defuse the hidden munitions ticking beneath authoritative systems of thought, Laruelle’s work proves to be a toolbox of surgical concepts and practices.

If you are new to the non-buddhist approach to Buddhism, or are still unsure what to make of it, or (what’s most likely) still confused by it, this early article might prove helpful.

Here’s is a German translation, by Matthias Steingass.

What do you think?

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