Announcing SNB Magazin

I am creating pdf files of selected essays. In good non-buddhist fashion, this will facilitate usage: sharing, printing, posting to syndicated content distributors, and even reading on certain devices. These files will be collected as SNB Magazin.

I like the word magazine. Like kinship terms—mother, father, sister, brother—it has a certain universal quality to it:

Italian magazzino
Arabic مَخْزَن‎ maḵzanplural مَخازِن‎ maḵāzin
French magasin
German Magazin
Polish magazyn
Hungarian magazin
Afrikaans magasyn
Serbian магазин magazin
Marathi मासिक māsika

…and so on

It’s a rich word in its meanings, too:

archive storage
ammunition storehouse
weapon’s ammunition holder

To readers of this blog it will be clear why I chose it. If you’re new here, it’s because (1) all of these meanings fit, if in part only figuratively; and (2) the idea of a certain aprioristic in-human universality obtains at the blog generally.

I am using the German term because it rhymes with SNB:

Magazin = Magazeen

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