This blog might be bad for you. If you are new to Buddhism, I hope you will bookmark this link, and, maybe, return in a few years.

My aim on this blog is to inspire people to reorient themselves to Buddhism in the ways discussed here. Given the place of “Buddhism” in this project (namely, as “non-buddhism”), that reorientation involves a radically, even disasterally (we make up bad new words, too), reordered relationship to Buddhist values and institutions.

You can’t reorient yourself until you’ve spent some time orienting yourself. So, you might want to stop reading and go meditate, or recite the Heart Sutra, or visualize your perfect guru. After a few more years’ worth of Dharma talks, you should be open to my message.

For those of you who have explored the Buddhist globe, from the tropical Achans to the mountainous Zens, read on! If you have been practicing, if you have been paying attention, then you know that Buddhism has been taking you on a grand ride. Buddhism is, after all, just a vehicle, right? A few, no some, no most–bullshit!–virtually every single human being who hangs his/her shingle as “Buddhist teacher” would like you to believe that Buddhism is itself the goal. Buddhism is not the goal of Buddhism (according to Buddhism); liberation is. Abandon the raft! etc., etc.

See what I mean? Bad.


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