“Change life! Change society! These precepts mean nothing without the production of an appropriate space…New social relationships call for a new space, and vice versa.” —Henri Lefebvre, The Production of Space

TODAY Sunday, July 14 from 2-4pm EST.

Please join us  for our second gathering. We will meet again on Google Hangouts. Click here to go the page. Alternatively, email us at speculativenonbuddhism@gmail.com, and we’ll be in touch with information.

As Chaim Wigder wrote after our first session: We plan to kick off the first officially “directed” Trash Community with a conversation facilitated by Elizabeth Reed, who first made explicit to us the idea of a “mastery of one’s perspective.” We hope that you will join us to listen, discuss, and—ideally—be inspired by, the next instantiation of Trash Community.

To read about Trash Community, see:
…and yet: Drowning in Trash,” and
Trash Community #1.”

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