Trash Community #2

“Change life! Change society! These precepts mean nothing without the production of an appropriate space…New social relationships call for a new space, and vice versa.” —Henri Lefebvre, The Production of Space

TODAY Sunday, July 14 from 2-4pm EST.

Please join us  for our second gathering. We will meet again on Google Hangouts. Click here to go the page. Alternatively, email us at, and we’ll be in touch with information.

As Chaim Wigder wrote after our first session: We plan to kick off the first officially “directed” Trash Community with a conversation facilitated by Elizabeth Reed, who first made explicit to us the idea of a “mastery of one’s perspective.” We hope that you will join us to listen, discuss, and—ideally—be inspired by, the next instantiation of Trash Community.

To read about Trash Community, see:
…and yet: Drowning in Trash,” and
Trash Community #1.”

3 responses to “Trash Community #2”

  1. danielmingram Avatar

    What time zone is that 2-4pm referring to?

  2. Glenn Wallis Avatar

    Hi Daniel! Eastern Standard Time (aka. New York time). I hope you can join us!

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