In This Very Life

In this Very Life: Dzogchen & Anarchism with Wei Kang

Another crucial post from No Selves, No Masters.

No Selves, No Masters

In my study of Buddhist Anarchism, I have met many interesting and thoughtful people who share my interest in an expanded praxis of liberation. Among the most interesting and most thoughtful is the Twitter user @WeiKangWhite. I started following them very early on in my research, and have always been astounded by the depth of their knowledge, both in Buddhist and European philosophy. In fact, meeting and learning from people like Wei Kang is what has sustained this research project for just over a year now. I would not be able to stay motivated without supportive friends and community, and my insights on the topic would be limited by the smallness of my own perspective and experience. Sangha, or intentional community, is of the utmost importance to both Buddhists and anarchists (and of course to humans in general). Without it, we could scarcely survive, let alone learn and grow. Spaces…

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