Zen and the Anarchism of Blackness

Another necessary post from Reed Ingalls at No Self, No Masters: an interview with author of The Nation on No Map: Black Anarchism and Abolition and activist William C. Anderson. Along these general lines, I also recommend Marquis Bey’s Anarcho-Blackness: Notes Toward a Black Anarchism.

No Selves, No Masters

An Interview with Author & Activist William C. Anderson

I recently picked up a copy of William C. Anderson’s new book, The Nation on No Map, an excellent and timely discussion on the history, theory, and practice of Black anarchism. I was a fan of his prior work with Zoe Samudzi in the essay The Anarchism of Blackness and their book As Black as Resistance. Throughout all of these works Anderson and his co-authors have been developing a vision of Black anarchism which responds to the changing terrain of contemporary Black liberation struggle by presenting a radical and deep-rooted tradition of egalitarian resistance to white supremacy, capitalism, colonialism, citizenship and the State, and an incisive critique of persistent hierarchies within the movement for Black liberation which have limited its effectiveness, particularly patriarchy, nationalism, assimilationism, ideological dogmatism, and cults of personality built around charismatic leaders. In Nation Anderson celebrates the victories…

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