While standing on its own, you can also consider the following essay by Chaim Wigder as a response to our last Trash Community gathering. We will send information about the third gathering soon. In the meantime, please post comments on this essay at The Failed Buddhist (link below).

A Desperate Call to Immanence

By Chaim Wigder

I would like to pose the following question to the reader:

What kinds of conversations are possible if we were to axiomatize the principle of non-transcendence?

This is a strikingly simple question. It is, however, one which I have been failing to discover an answer to. It seems to me to be the kind of question that evokes the greatest fear of the imagination: the very exposure of imagination itself, its violence against the human openly displayed for all imagining humans to stare and scoff at.

We have had two Trash Community meetings so far. The conversations being had during these meetings are, to my mind, extremely important. Yet there is one theme that continues to arise, one which I was hoping the Trash Community experiment could move beyond, but which appears to actually be quite difficult to move beyond: the human yearning for transcendence.

That all humans imagine and wish for transcendence is a fact as seemingly inescapable as life itself. Yet it is precisely this wish which all too often makes us forget that the aim of escaping life itself is unattainable.

Transcendence is often posited as a ‘truth’ which is only accessible to some mysterious substance called ‘consciousness.’ This is not what truth is. In fact, it is its opposite.

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