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Before you read
For Critics: A Rough Guide

Why speculative?
Why x-buddhism?
What is non-buddhism?
SNB Magazin



A Critique of Western Buddhism on Open Access
A Non-Buddhist Encounter with the Void
A ruin is a curious thing
“A Sickness unto Death”
A Spectre is Haunting Buddhism, or: Give Marx Some Credit
A Thought Experiment for X-Buddhists

Adbusters and Sogyal Rinpoche. Really?
After One Year
Against Empathy
Agamben on Buddhism
Agency in Practice: Trash Theory #4
Aggressive Buddhist Appeasement
Althusser Today
An Anarchist History of Buddhism: 400 B.C.E-1800 C.E.
An Anarchist History of Buddhism: 1800-1920
An Anarchist’s Manifesto

An Anarchist’s Manifesto: Preface
…and yet! Drowning in Trash
Anicca as the Truth of Extinction
Annabella Pitkin’s Review
Ann Gleig on SNB
Announcing SNB Magazin

Are Buddhists Stupid?
Arena Under the Dome, The

Ask Me Anything
Audio Review of A Critique of Western Buddhism


Book and podcast reviews?
Book Review: Realizing Awakened Consciousness: Interviews with Buddhist teachers and a new perspective on the mind
Buddhism as the Opiate of the (downwardly-mobile) Middle Class: The Case of Thanissaro Bhikkhu
Buddhism, Mindfulness, Neoliberalism
Buddhism: Pessimism Before It Was Cool

Buddhist Anti-Intellectualism
Buddhist Conspiracy Against the Human PersonThe
Buddhist Futures: The Black Hole of Post-Capitalism 
Buddhists of Oz?


Case Against Buddhism, The 
Case Against “Buddhism,” The 
Circles of the Same || Lines of Flight
Combusting Human Spontaneity

Come On, X-Buddhists, Pump Up The Polemos!
Comfort-Food Buddhism
Conversation With Charles Hallisey: The Case Against Buddhism

Conversation With Cordy Swope: Design Against the Animal Mind
Conversation with Curt Dilger: Shifting Lines of Art/Architecture
Conversation With John Kendell Hawkin: Emma Goldman
Conversation With Matthias Steingass: Dialogical Meditations
Conversation With Tom Pepper 1: On Ideology
Conversation With Tom Pepper 2: On the Romantic Sublime
Conversation With Tom Pepper 3: On the Real
Conversation With Ulrich Baer: Literature and Vulnerability
CounterPunch. On Anarchism: Glenn Wallis
Criticism Matters

Cruel Theory | Sublime Practic: Synopsis
Cruel Theory | Sublime Practice: Introduction


Deep Bullshit
Dialogical Meditations I
Doing Something with Non-Buddhism
Durdhara Bodhicitta, Part 1


Embrace, Deflect, Evade: An X-Buddhist Strategy Against Criticism
Elixir of Mindfulness
Empathic DogmaThe 
Epistemic Meditator, The 
Extrapolating Equanimity


Fanged Dialogue
Feast, Interrupted

Fetish of the Present Moment, The 
For Critics: A Rough Guide


Ghost Buddha
Go fann on Calls


Hakugen’s Critique of Zen
Have we come to the end?
How to Do Things with Non-Buddhism

How to Love Your Students
How Would the Buddha Vote?
Heuristic of Non-Buddhism


Image of Thought: Trash Theory #2
Imaginary Relations
Immanent Critique for the People!

In Search of a Non-Human: Trash Theory #1
In Augury of Oneness Restored

In This Very Life
Inalienable Poverty: Trash Theory #5
Incite Items
Interview with the Imperfect Buddha Podcast
Introduction to Cruelty
Is Explication the Root of X-Buddhist Stupidity?
Is Failing Again Ever Better?
Is This How It Ends? 
I’ve Done It


Juxtapose Our Solitude, Form Into Community


Killing the (x-)buddha(ist subject): A Review of ’ A Critique of Western Buddhism


Lacan’s Encounter with Buddhism
Laruelle’s Method, In Spirit


Meditation: An Intimate Act
Meditation and Control
Metzinger’s Atman and Capitalist Ideology
Mindful Lobotomy
Mindfulness, Yet Again
Mineful Response and the Rise of Corporatist Spirituality
Mirror of Practice, The 
More Walls: Contemplations of Samuel Beckett and Herman Melville
Myth of the Witnessing Mind, or: It’s Thinking all the Way Down, The 


Nagarjuna, Hume, and the God Particle
Nascent Non-Buddhism
Nascent Non-Buddhism II
New Blog: The Faithful Buddhist
New Blog: The Non-Buddhist
New Book
Nietzsche and Buddhism
Night Moves: Poetry at Present
Nirvana and Depression
No More Meditation!
No Thought, No Problem

Noise of Time, The 
non + x
Non-Buddhist Blotter, Anyone?
Non Buddhist Mysticism
Non-Postulates: Trash Theory #3 
Nostalgia for the Buddha
Notes Towards a Coming Backlash

Nothing: Three Inquiries in Buddhism: Review


On Being an Irrelevant Dick
On Reading Hegel as a Corrective for Meditative Malpractice
On Saying “Fuck” Occasionally
On the Faith of Secular Buddhists
On the Grammar of Meditation: Parataxis
On the Liberating Force of Non-Buddhism
On the “Spiritual Type”
Only Don’t Know! Reflections on a Thoughtless Life
Organizational Notes #34


Pause to Reflect
Peter Brooks on Minimalism in the Theater
Power of Negative Thinking, The 
Post-traditional Buddhism Compared to Non-Buddhism
Practicing in Delusion
Practicing Myopia
Pragmatic Dharma and Unexamined “Ends”
Preface to An Anarchist’s Manifesto

Pt 1, or: Ruin
Putting Nothing in Boxes and Selling It

Radical Potential
Radical Potential of Shin Buddhism, The 
Rasslin’ with Humans
Raw Remarks on Meditation, Ideology, and Nihilism
Realists of a Larger Reality
Reality and Retreat
Reality As It’s Not
Recurrent Revolutionary Subjectivity
Refounder of Future Ruins: Interview with Laruelle
REFUSE: A Journal of Iconoclasm

Review of Nothing: Three Inquiries in Buddhism
Running from Zombie Buddhas


Samsara as the Realm of Ideology
Samuel Beckett Stares at a Wall
Should Buddhism Be Therapy?
Sick Progeny? Buddhism and Psychotherapy
Simone Weil: Attention as Generosity
Sitting, Full of Shit
Slogging Through Buddhist Writing
Slavoj Žižek: From Western Marxism to Western Buddhism
SNB Magazin

Spectral Discourse
Spell of Faith, The

Still devoid of wit, subtlety and danger, now with bongos
Stranger Subjects: Interview
Stranger Sutra
Styles of Thinking

Sutras of Flesh and Blood
Synopses of Essays


Tom Pepper is an Imbecile
The Arena Under the Dome
Theaters Comforting, Theaters Cruel
Thich Nhat Hanh’s Imaginary Soul
Think About It

Third Mountain, The
“This is a rich disagreement!”
This Machine Kills X-Buddhists
Toward an Expanded Image of Practice

Traditionalism and Totalitarianism: B. Alan Wallace, for instance
Traumatized by Toast
Trash Community #1
Trash Theory #1: In Search of a Non-Human
Trash Theory #2: Image of Thought
Trash Theory #3: Non:Postulates
Trash Theory #4: Agency in Practice
Trash Theory #5: Inalienable Poverty
Trash Theory #6: View of Mind
Tutteji Wachtmeister: Spiritual Entrepreneur
Tweet Your Own Horn: Censorship Western Buddhist Style
Twist, The 


Un-Mindful Collusion


View of Mind: Trash Theory #6


Well…are you just going to sit there?
Wild Mind Collective
Witch’s Flight
What Kind of Buddhist are You?
Why Buddhism?
Why RED, Why Now?
Word Blood
Works of the Spirit and the Hardness of Fate
Worstward Ho!
Writing With Pencils and Eating Brownies: What Can Enlightened Brains Do?


X-Buddhist Disidentification
X-Buddhist Provocateurs?
X-buddhistic Hallucination


You Need Non-Practice


Zen and the Anarchism of Blackness
Žižek v. Buddhism: who’s the subject?


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